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Client Spotlight: World Savvy

Updated: Jun 9, 2023

How healthy support helped an organization shine

We were introduced to World Savvy by a past client who recommended our services. During our first call with their team, it was evident that World Savvy was growing quickly, especially their Whole School Model that helps K-12 school systems develop inclusive, globally competent classrooms. They needed to ramp up their fundraising capacity to meet community needs, match organizational growth, and maintain a healthy trajectory forward.

Specifically, they wanted to free up their team to focus on building fundraising relationships.

We knew that a successful partnership would:

  • increase the organization's ability to pursue funding for programs, smaller general operations, and regional grants; as well as,

  • free up space for team members to pursue cultivation of larger donors.

In order to accomplish this, World Savvy needed support with their individual and institutional prospecting, as well as with grant writing.

We jumped right in to assist with an initial round of prospecting to fill out their institutional calendar and support major donor solicitations.

  • Our donor strategy helped them secure several large individual gifts.

  • Our prospect research allowed them to expand their grants calendar and successfully increase the number of grant applications they submit each year.

  • Plus, with our ongoing support, their team has been freed up to secure 6- and 7-figure gifts as part of their strategy fundraising efforts.

As World Savvy's fundraising team has expanded and evolved, we continue to support them with grant writing and prospecting. We look forward to seeing their continued impact on K-12 education around the world!

Curious to learn more?

Most of our clients come to us looking for help charting a healthy path forward - whether that be developing, prioritizing, or focusing a fundraising plan. No matter their size or style, we pride ourselves on being able to co-create a fundraising strategy that fits each client's unique needs. Reach out to us about creating a fundraising program that helps your mission shine bright!

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