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We’re relationship builders and strategists, from a diverse set of backgrounds, with specific and complimentary talents. Together, we have a passion for healthy fundraising. 

We like working together (really!) and think we are a pretty fun bunch to work with, too.

When you work with us, we promise the focus on your mission will shine brighter and your fundraising program will too. 

Meet Our Team + Our Clients

A smiling white woman with straight blonde hair in front of a brightly painted brick background

Frances Roen (she/her/hers)

Founder + CEO

Fundraising Sol

A black woman with shoulder length hair wearing a white v-neck shirt with a blue blazer against a red brick background.

Shelly Lindsey (she/her/hers)

Fundraising Consultant
Fundraising Sol

Michael Giovanis_r1_MPL_6377-387ncj74oz_

Michael Giovanis (He/Him/His)

Fundraising Consultant 

Availing Echoism

An image of a smiling white woman with brownish-blonde hair in front of a blurred lake.

Christine Schwitzer (she/her/hers)


Holistic Grants

An orange and cream sun against a red-orange background. There are cream lines making squares behind the sun, as well as two green leaf type objects.

Kristen Estvold (she/her/hers)

A white woman with short blonde hair smiles at the camera. She is standing in front of a yellowish background.

Kathy Graves (she/her/hers)


Parenteau Graves

A smiling picture of a white woman with shoulder length gray hair and thick black framed glasses.

Deb Jessen (she/her/hers)


Sarah Hepp (she/her/hers)

Project Assistant 
Fundraising Sol


Francie Nelson (she/her/hers)

Fundraising Consultant
Fundraising Sol

A white person with short spiky purple hair and framed glasses in front of a gray photographer's background.

Danae Hudson (they/them)

Marketing Coordinator

Fundraising Sol

A smiling Black woman with curly bobbed hair to her chin and wearing glasses and gold hoop earrings.

Tiffany Nobles (she/her/hers)

A smiling Indian woman with black hair down to her collar bone, sitting in front of a green plant.

Meena Das (she/her/hers)


Namaste Data

An orange and cream sun against a red-orange background. There are cream lines making squares behind the sun, as well as two green leaf type objects.

Ellen Davis (she/her/hers)


Future Funding

A smiling Black woman with very short blonde hair and large gold hoop earrings in front of a lake.

Mallory Mitchell (she/her/hers)

Our Clients

The word "Avenues" in purple in all capitals with the words "for youth" underneath. A logo for an organization that works with youth experiencing homelessness.
The word "Elpis" where the circle in the center of the "p" is an eyeball and there is a yellow star behind it. Underneath it is the word "enterprises." The logo for an organization that trains youth experiencing homelessness.
The words "World Savvy" next to a blue globe with three blue lines drawn around it with graphics made to look like crayon. A logo for an organization that works with schools.
A gold and black cross with a black and gold star in the center. The cross merges to create a D and there is a skyline of Minneapolis. The logo for a Catholic high school.
The words "Down Syndrome Association of Minnesota" next to a red speech bubble with a pink heart in the center. The logo for an organization that works with children and adults with Down Syndrome.
A blue graphic of an Eagle soaring in flight next to the words "National Eagle Center." The logo for an organization that works with and preserves the habitat of eagles.
The words "Oasis for Youth" are to the left of a circle with a triangle pointed to the north and west. The logo for an organization that works with youth experiencing homelessness.
The letters "MNPQC" next to a graphic that looks like a flattened clover with squares in each corner. The words "MPO in Action" are underneath. The logo of an organization that works on perinatal health in Minnesota.
A pink door frame with an orange door that's opening. The words "Emma Norton" are beneath. The logo for an organization that provides transformational housing and growth for women and families on their journey of recovery.
The word "Joy" is in bold next to the word "Collaborative." Both words are to the right of a red and orange swirl. The logo for an organization that create life-enriching spaces for youth with life-limiting conditions.
The word "East" is in brown next to the word "Side" in a tealish-blue. Underneath is the world neighborhood and a compass with the center dial being brown and white. To the right of the compass is the word "services."
The word "Alia" next to a circle with a cursive "A" inside the circle. Inside the "A" are the colors blue, green, pink, and yellow. The logo for an organization that works with children in welfare systems.
A black rectangle with white dots and lines that looks like an ink splash. Underneath are the words "In Black Ink." The logo for an organization that creates spaces where the stories and voices of people of African heritage are celebrated, documented, and archived through publications, professional development training opportunities, and public presentations.
Two orange circles designed to look like people with the words "Black Women's Wealth Alliance" underneath the circles.
A circular sun peeking over the hills next to the words "Alongside Network"
The words "Saint Paul Almanac" is large with a very small sentence of the word Almanac that says "your story has power; tell it." The logo is for a literary-centered arts organization
A black rectangle with the word "RE!NSTITUTE" in white. It is a logo for an organization that works with agencies around the world to create change.
A thin purple circle surrounds a purple bird above the words "Breaking Free." Next to the word "free" is a bird cage. Underneath it says "survivor led." The logo for an organization that works with domestic abuse survivors.
The words "ChildCare Aware of Minnesota" with a red checkmark that sits on top of a blue oval.
The word "Wildflyer" in orange and stylized with the word "coffee" very small over the "yer" in "Wildflyer." The logo for an organization that hires youth experiencing homelessness gain employment.
The letters CSP with a cross between the S and P above the word Global
A blue tree with leaves is to the left of the words "The Westfield Foundation"
The words "Interfaith Action of Greater Saint Paul" next to a double star burst with the center star burst is gray and the outer starburst is in color.
An orange upside S shape that fades to yellow. Underneath are the words The Arc Minnesota
A cone with a snake and fire around it - all in the color blue next to the words: Minnesota Academy of Family Physicians. Underneath are the words "Strong Medicine for Minnesota"
The Daily Work logo that is two stick figures standing on three blocks together between the words "Daily" and "Work"
The logo for the Better Business Bureau of Minnesota and North Dakota, a teal torch with the letters BBB underneath
The logo for Neighbors Inc., a cursive teal N inside a white box with a teal border with the words "Neighbors, Inc."
A logo for the American Indian OIC, including a native pattern of triangles and x's that include navy, yellow, teal, and salmon colors, the words "American Indian OIC" and an image of an Eagle in the background
A logo for the organization Osprey Wilds. It includes an image of a bird inflight over water inside a circle next to the words "Osprey Wilds Environmental Learning Center"
A Christian cross offset in a circle. The circle is in four parts: two parts are white, one is blue, and one is blue, but in the pattern of a river with white wavy lines.
Three stick-figure type people hold a banner that says "increasing skills, improving lives" next to the words "Our Saviour's Community Services." Everything is in a dark olive green.
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