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The Story Behind Our New Brand

When it came to Fundraising Well's rebrand, we knew our "why" was the most important piece of our story. Rebranding isn't an endeavor to take lightly, so last year we went on a journey to discover (or re-discover) our "why" and give ourselves a much overdue health and happiness check.

When I founded Fundraising Well in 2018, I was in the process of breaking up with my dream job. If I'm being totally honest, I founded Fundraising Well in the middle of grieving this breakup. Moving on from this particular job (even though I knew it was time) had a big emotional impact on my life. For a multitude of reasons, I was looking for wellness, wholeness, and respite during this period of my life. It was from this place that Fundraising Well was born. Our first tag line declared: our goal was to help you "flip your focus from growing to thriving."

Fast forward to 2022 and we have had the great privilege to work with dozens of incredible clients from grassroots to global with budgets from petite to extra large. We learned what we do best and where we provide the most value. We are consistently sought out to provide healthy fundraising strategy. We hear directly from clients that the energy, care, and positivity, and the focus on wellness that we bring as women leaders makes us stand out. Our old brand didn't speak to these things. Not only did our style and design not reflect our bold energy as women leaders, our brand no longer reflected our focus on helping nonprofit professionals build healthy, happy fundraising.

From day one, our core value has been wellness and our core audience, development professionals and nonprofit leadership. Today, more than half of all fundraising professionals and over 75% of all nonprofit jobs are held by female-identifying individuals. Additionally, over 62% of U.S. women in the workplace report workplace stress. The fact that our business is vibrantly woman-owned and led gives us incredible insight and first-hand experience into what it means to be a woman in the nonprofit workplace. We felt a rebrand would help us better speak to this audience about the importance of wellness as a critical piece of healthy, happy fundraising.

And, finally, while this isn’t the most important reason to rebrand, we felt our previous branding and all the components that go with that no longer reflected the high-level of programs and services we provide to our clients. We wanted to make sure our brand identity reflected the level of strategic thinking and focus that goes into our client work.

It's very likely that you have been a part of our journey -- as a client allowing us to partner with you on your project, a colleague who shared your thoughts on our rebranding survey, a friend who reviewed our website before it was "live", or a mentor who offered us counsel on our services. Even if you weren't a part of our journey to here, we hope you'll be part of our future! We look forward to helping you enjoy healthier, happier fundraising.

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