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Fundraising Sol Model

Research shows that the health of your team is essential to the health of your organization. Healthy organizations are 2.2 times more likely to exceed financial targets, 2.8 times more likely to adapt well to change, and 3.2 times more likely to retain employees --- all critical pieces to successful fundraising!*

Our Fundraising Sol Model helps nourish the sol of your team and your fundraising program.

We believe that building a healthy team and a healthy fundraising program is the most significant predictor of whether your organization will raise enough money to fund programs. 

How do we do help you build healthy fundraising? We're glad you asked.

Check out the three ways our model shines brighter than the rest!

*Bersin Research, 2021

We model healthy boundaries and help you create your own.  Whether it's giving strategic advice on where to focus your time and effort or helping you  integrate moments of self-care into team meetings, we are not just consultants --- we are your fundraising companions.  

We ensure every meeting and check-in is a safe, accepting, positive environment. Scheduling time with us and finding the perfect fit for your schedule is always a breeze---with in-person or virtual meetings available for 30 minutes or an hour. Plus, we will never ask you to schedule something with us over the lunch hour or outside regular working hours. 

We provide every client with a curated library of resources and templates, so you have samples and tools at your fingertips---whenever you need them!

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