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We've brightened our name

In 2018, Frances launched Fundraising Well to help nonprofit professionals reclaim and relearn healthier, happier fundraising. Since then, we’ve been honored to help dozens of nonprofit individuals and teams across the country tap into fundraising that brings them joy.

Along the way, we have grown to include incredible collaborators, to offer Fundraising Wellness Conversations facilitated by wellness experts, and to robustly build out our core services - fundraising planning and grant prospecting - to meet the needs of our clients.

Recently, we learned there is another company called Fundraising Well in New Jersey. Though we have different clients and offer slightly different services, we have decided to change our name to Fundraising Sol to eliminate any confusion.

Sol means “sun” in many different languages and also represents energy, good health and positivity, which are core tenants of our brand. We are excited to continue to help our clients nourish the heart and sol of their fundraising programs.

While our name and look are changing, our services and our dedication to our current and future clients will remain steadfast. We look forward to helping you make fundraising the bright spot in your day!

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