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At Fundraising Sol, we make fundraising feel good again.


We believe you can build a community of equity and wholeness through fundraising. We believe you can find harmony and wellness at work. We believe raising funds with your community for a common vision can be authentically joyful.

Our speciality is helping small and mid-sized nonprofits to build successful, healthy annual fundraising programs or launch multi-year fundraising campaigns that raise money for their mission.


We promise it can be done (without losing your mind or yourself in the process) and we love helping organizations do it!

a vibrantly woman-owned and managed company  |  |  working virtually around the globe

How do you make fundraising feel good again?

We're glad you asked!

Do we offer the services you need? 

Learn if we are a fit for you!

Choosing and hiring a fundraising consultant is a big decision. 

Meet our team and learn more about our happy clients!  

“Frances offered the perfect combination of strategic advice, operational guidance, and hands-on support, all tailored to fit our needs and constraints. I have recommended Fundraising Sol to several peers and funders already - and will continue to do so for years to come.”

Nadim Matta, Head Catalyst

Rapid Results Institute

Fundraising Sol

Make fundraising the bright spot in your day

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